Do you need a meeting? A list of current meetings at Triangle Club can be found on the right side of this web page or by downloading and printing a Triangle Club Meeting List. Additionally, a complete list of meetings in the Washington DC area can be found on the Washington Area Intergroup Assoc - Meetings Web site. A list of other 12-step resources and fellowship meetings may be found on the links page.

Start a Meeting at Triangle Club

The Triangle Club offers three meeting spaces; small ($65 per month), medium ($100 per month) and large ($125 per month). One time rentals of the rooms are also available at $25 (S), $35 (M) and $45 (L). If you are interested in starting a meeting at the the Triangle Club, please download the Triangle Club Meeting Application Form, complete it and give it to the Club Manager or send it by email or mail.

Managing a Meeting at the Club

Meeting chairs and meeting treasurers should read the How the Triangle Club Handles Money from Groups as well as the Triangle Club Guidelines. Individual meetings regularly submit monies collected at meetings and insert them in the club safe in the kitchen. Every quarter, the Triangle Club Treasurer makes a report called the Quarterly (YTD) Rents Report. This report lets individual meetings know what they have paid, what the individual meeting has in reserves and owes, and what monies, if any, are owed to them by the Triangle Club. Meeting chairs and treasurers may request monthly rent statements from the Club Treasurer.

Each Meeting is Self Supporting

Individual meetings manage their own monies, keep prudent reserves, and may contribute to their respective 12-step organizations according to guidelines set out in AA's Pamphlet: Self-Support. To support AA’s essential services, the General Service Conference recommends that Groups follow the “60/30/10” plan. This downloadable Intergroup contributions form will be useful when making contributions to the Washington Area Intergroup Association, the General Services Office in NY, and the Washington Area General Services Assembly. We recommend 12-step groups become familiar with the following additional materials distributed by Alcoholics Anonymous:
  The AA Group Treasurer
  AA 12 Traditions - from AA World Services
  Traditions Checklist - from the AA Grapevine
  Concepts Checklist

Triangle Club's Relationship with 12-Step Organizations

In accordance with the Guidelines on Clubs published by AA World Services, 12-step groups are not affiliated with the Triangle Club except as tenants. No endorsement exists, and none should be implied, nor inferred from the rental of the facilities. Membership in the Triangle Club is independent of membership in any of the various organizations that use the club's facilities for their meetings. We do not interfere with the 7th Tradition of AA, which states that every group should be self-supporting, declining outside contributions. The Guidelines further advises groups “this includes paying a fair rent for use of the facilities, maintaining a separate treasury, and making its own contributions directly to the local central/intergroup office, the district, the area general service committee, and to G.S.O”.